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Sound Therapy Chakras and Vocal Tones

Updated: Feb 21

The very basics for starting out with toning vowels and playing crystal bowls and matching the notes and sounds to the energy points of your body - referred to as Chakras in Sanskrit, which translates as wheel or cycle. It is really amazing to experiment with the tones and syllables and below are the vowels I use for toning during a therapeutic voice treatment.

Bija Mantra - one syllable seed sounds - that in traditional Hatha Yoga are chanted one at a time or in sequences, to purify & balance the mind and body & cleanse each chakra. Each seed sound listed below is to strengthen the positive aspects of each chakra.

These seeds have been used to create mantras and chants to enhance positive qualities within each Chakra and create specific impacts on emotional, mental and physical states.

The impact of vowels and consonants on the body and mind is an entire science in itself and there appears to be a coded formula in many sacred languages that directly affects and stimulates different systems and organs in the body.

At a fundamental level vowels are understood to be feminine energy and consonants male energy.

Every sound vibrates within the cells, bones, organs, and fluids within the body and the Eastern tradition Sanskrit vowels correspond to the following bodily systems :

AH (A) Assists with the health and strength of the lungs and energises the mind.

EE (E) Alleviates depression and has a positive effect on the throat and the brain.

AI (I) Helps with the health of the kidneys and the urinary tract.

OW (O) Strengthens and supports the reproductive system.

UH(U) Supports the pumping of blood around the body and a healthy heart.

Solfeggio is the practice of using syllables to help teach pitch and this practice originated in ancient India with a system known as Sargam : SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI, SA.

A Benedictine monk, Guido d'Arezzo was familiar with this system and assigned specific syllables to each note of the scale, so that singers were able to learn and remember Gregorian chants through the following tone progression : Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do.

Toning can serve as an effective vehicle for releasing imbalanced energy from the physical body and toning alongside playing the crystal singing bowls is a wonderful way to begin exploring the different tones and frequencies within us, with the added support from a beautiful continuous sonic wave.

Below is a chart of the chromatic scale with frequencies of the notes measured in Hz in their different octaves.

In the next blog we will look in more detail at the following 9 frequencies as ancient healing tones.

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