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crystal singing bowl and sound therapy

'The medicine of the future
  will be 
music & sound'         EDGAR  CAYCE

zen rezenance

Sound is a form of energy which is caused by vibration, it travels in waves and is able to move through substances such as our human body.
One of the earliest beliefs of philosophers and scientists was that the universe is an interconnected web of vibrating energy and recent advances in the study of physics, demonstrates that modern science is now catching up to those ancient mystics. 
Quantum Physics shows us that everything is composed of patterns of unseen frequencies and vibrations. The principle of resonance shows the ability of a substance to vibrate sympathetically to a frequency imposed by another source. This is known as entrainment. Potentially every sound made on the Earth resonates through it and around it. (Although thankfully we don't hear them all). As Dr Guy Manners describes it...

'Where there is movement there must be friction and where there is friction there must be sound. However minute it may be, the sound has got to be there, so therefore you have got the sound in that little cell'

So we have our very own unique symphony of frequencies and sounds.
Sound Therapy deconstructs music into pure sound and uses specific frequencies and the process of entrainment, to rebalance the biological, mental and emotional rhythms of our body and mind. When we are missing certain tones and frequencies within our energetic system, then we just don't feel as balanced as we naturally should do. The body needs a full spectrum of frequencies to stay fit and healthy. 


Planet and Moon

'Music and sound are both the language and underlying architecture of the cosmos'

Tom Kenyon

Sound Therapy & Vibrational Medicine can be a deeply relaxing and soothing experience for anyone with physical pain or muscular tension in the body. It can really help those who suffer with conditions such as overthinking, stress, neurosis, anxiety, depression or hormonal imbalances. This is by the way therapeutic sound changes and alters our brainwave activity & influences the behaviour of our neurotransmitters (e.g endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, GABA, cortisol and melatonin). 

It can benefit those who suffer with headaches, insomnia or sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, M.E, M.S, fibromyalgia or neurological issues. Sound has also been a wonderful therapeutic modality for those living with dementia or for those who may have learning disabilities, autism or ADHD.

On an emotional level Sound Therapy is a very supportive and calming therapy for clients with life changing circumstances, or for those going through traumatic emotional events, such as bereavement. 

The meditative effect the sound has on our mind & body gives us a greater sense of self-awareness and connection to ourselves, one another and the world beyond. Come and treat yourself to the powerful energy of the sound waves, harmonise & rebalance your biological, mental and emotional rhythms & allow the healing to take place within. 

Therapeutic Sound For Your Wellbeing 


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