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Himalayan bowl on-body sound massage

Himalayan bowl on-body sound massage

"A massage from the inside out"

For this treatment you will be lying face down on the massage couch and the Himalayan singing bowl is placed directly onto your clothed body.

The bowl is first chimed along your spine, creating beautiful sounds and vibrations that will gently awaken and stimulate your vital energy to flow freely.  The treatment then moves to longer flowing massage moves with increased pressure and resonance. When these bowls are played on the body, the harmonising vibrations and frequencies achieve a direct and very deep level of release and relaxation within every muscle and cell, quickly restoring your energy and calming the whole nervous system. This treatment effectively relieves both tension and pain in the body and you will leave feeling completely relaxed and blissed out.

Scientifically it has been proved to have many physiological benefits, some of which can be read about in more detail if you click here


(Recommended to dress comfortably in smooth/soft/stretchy attire & bring some socks too).

 At Essential Therapies Sidmouth

Sound Medicine & Frequency Therapy  


These are deeply therapeutic treatments using specific frequencies, harmonies and vibrations that are tailor-made and prescribed specifically for you. The therapeutic sound and bio-resonance is a powerful way to bring your body back into resonance and harmonious balance; resetting your brainwaves, realigning your energetic body and retuning your biological system.
You can either be immersed in the frequency medicine of Himalayan bowls, crystal practitioner alchemy bowls, tuning forks, or any combination depending on what is being treated.  Scientific research shows many benefits and they are all different, but wonderful healing modalities. These sessions can also have Reiki, Egyptian Sekhem or Crystal Healing added to them too.

You will feel the wonderful results and effects after just one session, but if possible it is recommended to book a course of treatments, ideally with a 7-10 day interval. This ensures there are longer term changes that remain within your cells and body.

For the full range of treatments available please click booking.


Therapeutic Sound For Your Wellbeing 


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