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Zen Calm Inner peace





These are deeply immersive experiences, designed for groups, that use sound to invite gentle, yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body.

The soothing sounds are designed to be relaxing and it is an opportunity to unplug, reset, and to just allow the resonance and magic to unfold.

Let yourself relax, rebalance and recharge.

There are many physiological benefits and these can include relief from stress and anxiety, regulating the nervous system,

improving sleep, helping detox and remove toxins, reducing tension and pain in the body,

rebalancing hormones and the biological system and stimulating the immune system; to name just a few.

''It is a time to melt away any tension and be immersed

in a sea of beautiful tones and harmonies''.

Harie x

Soundbath Meditation, Sound Healing & Relaxation and Vocal Toning can be found at the following venues;

The Ocean Wellness Hub in Sidmouth, The Old Gospel Hall in Exmouth and at The Estuary Clinic in Topsham.

These are £15 a session, or please email if you would like to attend more than one a month, as these are then discounted to £12.50.


These can also be designed for groups, events, retreats, corporate wellbeing sessions, for the workplace or private parties and special occasions.

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Physiological health and wellbeing benefits Regulate nervous system and good sleep
Gong Healing Therapuetic Sound Healing
Sound Therapy and Therapeutic Sound Immersion
Crystal Singing Bowls Soundbath Devon

Therapeutic Sound For Your Wellbeing 


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