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Himalayan Singing Bowl On Body Sound Massage
Himalayan bowl


H A R I E  G R A H A M

Sound Therapist/Music Teacher & Composer/ Reiki Master with Egyptian Sekhem/ PLDip ST BAST Music BA Hons PGCE 

Sound, music, health and wellbeing have always been interests and passions of mine. I have spent many years working as a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, wellbeing facilitator, vocal coach and mentor for South West Music School; performing, composing, working as Head of Music in secondary schools, stage managing at music festivals and designing workshops & songwriting sessions for all ages and abilitites in many different music genres. The universal language and global world of sound and music has created so many wonderful experiences for me; but most importantly it has been such an amazing therapy to have in life and to be able to share with others. ​During a surf trip to Bali I was inspired to train and study specifically in therapeutic sound. I have completed several different sound therapy courses, (the latest being a Practitioner Level Diploma with The British Academy of Sound Therapy). I am an experienced, insured and fully qualified sound therapist that has undertaken several research studies too and you can find me based in the Southwest, in Devon, immersed everyday in the incredible field of frequency, sound waves and the different modalities of vibrational medicine. During my travels I collected many different instruments and for 121 treatments I use the various tones of singing bowls, Himalayan, crystal and alchemy & crystal pyramids, gongs, the monochord, voice, chimes and tuning forks; each with it's very own frequency medicine and unique sound signature. I am particularly interested and drawn to the science of sound and the the effects that specific harmonics, intervals, harmonies and frequencies have on our body, our mind, our health and wellbeing; This takes me back in time to my final BA Hons Music dissertation, which was based on the powerful effects that specific keys, frequencies and harmonies have on us and our emotions. As well as sound therapy and bio-resonance using tuning forks , I have trained & I practice in several other alternative therapies to support health and wellbeing; including Reiki, Egyptian Sekhem, Crystal Healing, gentle breathwork, cacao & aromatherapy and I have a deep interest in nutrition & herbalism too. I am based in beautiful treatment rooms for 121 treatments & group sessions and Soundbaths take place in different spaces and venues around Devon. I love going on tour to retreats and wellbeing weekends and setting up therapeutic sound events & workshops too. Hope to see you very soon and please get in touch if you have any questions, would like any more info, or would like to work or collaborate on any projects too. Social Media isn't my natural habitat, but I am trying to keep a diary on Instagram and I usually pick up messages there or via email. Bookings can be made here on this site under the bookings page, or please email if you have any specific requests and the time isn't showing as available. Sending lots of happy sound waves to you, Harie x


 Relax . Rebalance . recharge

Rezenance review

Rezenance Soundbath

Soundbath Devon

Abstract Curves

Relax . Rebalance . Recharge

your health & wellbeing






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Crystal Singing Pyramid
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls




'Retune your whole energetic system & biological, mental & emotional rhythms'



'A deeply powerful treatment on a cellular level, that effectively releases pain & tension & massages your body from the inside out'


These are deeply therapeutic treatments that use specific frequencies, harmonies and vibrations that are designed to retune, rebalance and rejuvenate you from top to toe. The soothing sounds of the singing bowls can effectively induce deep relaxation, reducing tension within the body & allowing your mind to unwind.

The resonance and vibration helps shift & release on many levels, while stimulating the flow of your vital energy.  

These can give relief from pain, tension, or stress and anxiety, as it brings your body back into harmonious balance.

The different frequencies used, work to attune, align and energetically reset your whole system, allowing your senses to find

   inner peace & harmony 

where you can completely relax and let go.

You can either be immersed in the tones of Himalayan singing bowls, crystal alchemy bowls, pyramids, gongs or chimes.

Scientific research shows  so many benefits after sound therapy; such as reduced stress & anxiety, an improved  immune system, enhanced mental and emotional clarity, better sleep, boosted energy and positive changes to your physical, mental & emotional health and wellbeing.


You may feel the positive results and affects after just one session, but if possible it is recommended to book a course, as

this then ensures there are longer term changes within your cells and body.


White Branch

Relax . Rebalance . Recharge 

Himalayan Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath
Eight Corners of Heaven Mirror Gong Don Conreaux

Healing & Relaxation

These sessions are curated to be a deeply immersive experience, using sound to invite gentle, yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body. The tones are designed to be relaxing and it is an opportunity to unplug, reset, and allow the mind to switch off & the body to relax, rebalance & recharge.

There are many physiological benefits and these can include relief from stress and anxiety, regulating the nervous system and improving sleep, helping detox and remove toxins, reducing tension and pain in the body, rebalancing hormones and the biological system and stimulating the immune system.

''It is a time to melt away any tension and be immersed

in a sea of beautiful tones and harmonies''.

Harie x

These can be booked for groups, events, retreats, corporate wellbeing sessions or private parties.

 Regular Group Sessions In Devon 


Sound Meditation 

Alchemy & Crystal Singing Bowls 


Sound Healing & Relaxation 

Singing Bowls, Gongs & Drum


Vocal Balance For Body & Mind

 A Holistic Practice To Enhance & Develop Your Unique Vocal Resonance &

 Fine Tune Your Chakras Through The Realm of Ancient Wisdom Tones


Rezenance Retreats

Explore The Secrets of Therapeutic Sound

These are £15 a session, or please email if you would like to attend more than one a month, as these are then discounted to £12.50

(U18's/concessions also available).



The Ocean Wellness Hub in Sidmouth

The Estuary Clinic in Topsham

The Old Gospel Hall in Exmouth

The Village Soul Project Ashburton

The Holistic Hideaway Broadclyst


Sound Immersion for groups

Eight Corners of Heaven Mirror Gong Don Conreaux
may 24 me.jpg
Writing by the Water


Beach at Sunset


Lotus Leaf

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International Therapeutic Sound Association
Sound Therapy

Therapeutic Sound For Your Wellbeing 


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